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Access Hatches
Product Image Centabuild H101 Access Hatch
Centabuild H101 Access Hatch provides an economical answer to access requirements through non-fire rated walls and ceilings. The 560mm x 560mm size hatch allows head & shoulder access into ceiling voids. Smaller sizes are for situations where hand access is required through non fire-rated walls and ceilings.
Available sizes: 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm, 450mm x 450mm, & 560mm x 560mm.
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Centabuild H104 Quick Fit Hatches
Centabuild H104 Quick Fit Hatches provide easy but secure access into ceiling and wall voids. The hatch consists of a steel frame and pivot hinged steel door secured by a universal (allen key) lock. Installation is made fast and simple by the provision of integral flange and push out tabs.
Available sizes: 300mm x 300mm, 450mm x 450mm, & 560mm x 560mm.
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Product Image Centabuild H105, H106
Centabuild H105, H106 for installations where larger hatches or noise dampening is required, and/or where security is important. The hatches can be installed during construction or after the ceiling is in-place. H106 hatches are designed to fit flush with the ceiling leaving only a narrow opening joint around the edges with no visible hinges. The hatch is secured with a lock which can be individually or identically keyed. Alternatively a universal lock option is available on most sizes. The hatch panel is made from board with an STC of 29. Sound dampening seals are provided around the joint of the panel and the frame. An integral plasterers angle is standard with the complete range of H106.
See datasheet for the full range of sizes.
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Centabuild H111 Hatch Trim
Centabuild H111 Hatch Trim provides: A neat and easily installed finishing trim to ceiling and loft access panels. It can be installed in minutes (no mitres to cut) to suit any square or rectangular opening up to 600 x 600mm. Manufactured from high impact white PVC. HATCH TRIM ensures a professional finish that does not require painting. May be painted if desired to match other finishes.
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Product Image Firepro B350
Provides access through fire rated plaster board or concrete walls. Simple to Install. Large range of Sizes. B350: -/120/90 Fire Rating.
B351 sizes: 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm, 510mm x 510mm, 600mm x 600mm, 710mm x 510mm, 800mm x 600mm & 900mm x 600mm.
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Product Image Firepro B355 Floor Fire Hatch
Firepro B355 Floor Fire Hatch is designed for lift motor rooms and similar situations where a very large access space is required from above a fire compartment. B355 is designed for use in concrete floors.
Fire Rating up to -/120/120 (2 hour FRL). Simple and Fast to Install. 6 Stock sizes. Access to spaces up to 1500mm wide and any length.
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Product Image Firepro B359 Fire Hatches
Firepro B359 fire hatches are designed to sit flush with the ceiling surface leaving only a narrow opening joint around the face with no protruding hinges. The hatch is secured by a locking key. FRR 1 hour.
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Door and Window Hardware
A unique style of hidden door hinges.
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Product Image Drop Bolts
The range of Centor Dropbolts
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Flush Pulls
Flush mounted sliding-door handles.
Window Counter Balance
A pulley system designed for self-balancing double-hung windows.
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Door and Window Seals
Astragal & Security Seals
Double door meeting style seals. AT1212 incorporates an FP1212 acoustic and smoke seal. ATB incorporates a polypropylene brush seal.
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Brush Pile Seals
Polypropylene brush seals are common pile seals used with timber, aluminium, and PVC joinery. Polypropylene will not rot, is UV, chemical and weather resistant, and has exceptional abrasion resistance. Both Standard Brush Pile and Brush Pile with central fin are available. Finned seals offer superior acoustic and water resistance.
Brush heights from 3mm to 14mm depending upon style.
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Compression seals
Compression seals are available with aluminium and PVC holders. PVC has good weathering characteristics and withstands UV well. It has been used successfully with most common building materials (except polycarbonate sheet).
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Glazing Tape & Strips
Ceramic and Intumescent Strips and Tape.
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Product Image Intumescent Fire Door Seals
Intumescent Fire Door Seals are easily fitted to new or existing doors to improve their fire performance or smoke control capability. Fire Door Seals are composed of an intumescent core, which provides the fire resistance, encased in a rigid PVC casing and are available with an optional smoke control brush.
Available in Bronze Length: 2.1 Metres
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Large Brush Seals
Nylon Brush Seals have more rigidity than polypropylene allowing them to span larger gaps. This makes them ideal for stopping insects, birds, etc on revolving doors and the top of sliders or roller doors. They are also useful as spray deflectors on vehicles and the nylon bristle is a halogen gas barrier.
Bristle is available in black in lengths from 13mm to 50mm.
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QLon Seals
QLon is an especially formulated thermoset urethane open cell cushion material with a tough polypropylene cover, is UV stabilised, compression set resistant, solvent and paint resistant. It has excellent temperature and weather sealing performance and is an effective barrier to air movement. Durability is exceptional.
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RM & RH Series Door Bottom Seal
RM & RH Series Door Bottom Seals are automatic door seals, lifting the seal from the floor as the door opens.
Suitable for door widths from 710mm to 1220mm.
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Roller & Tilt Door Seals
Door Bottom Seals have been designed for the bottom of Roller and Tilt Doors as a barrier to water, draft, and dirt.
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Silicone Seals
Silicone Seals are available for most holders allowing usage in higher temperature situations.
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Smoke Seals
Smoke Temperature Definitions are not universal and may differ between seal manufacturers. The definitions we use are: HOT 500°C and over. Hot Smoke Seals need to deal with Hot, Medium and Ambient smoke. They normally incorporate an intumescent seal and an ambient smoke seal. Our BP range of seals are examples. MEDIUM 200°C ± 20°C. Medium Smoke Seals include the hot smoke seals above plus the silicone seals which are deemed to comply with temperature requirements for medium smoke. AMBIENT 25°C ± 15°C. Ambient (Cold) Smoke Seals include the hot and medium seals above plus our range of Brush Pile Seals.
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Sweep Seals
The FP0511 is an excellent acoustic, privacy, and cold & medium smoke seal. The DLU series is primarily an under door seal, also suitable for sliding doors.
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System 36/6
System 36/6 is an intumescent, elastomeric glazing gasket suitable for most commonly used glass in fire resistant systems.
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System 90
System 90 can achieve greater fire resistance than the system 36/6. Using Georgian Wired Glass 2Hr FRR has been achieved.
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Centabuild M752 Aquathane
Centabuild M752 Aquathane is designed for sealing interior and exterior construction joints that are subject to movement in concrete precast panels, blockwork, brickwork, and timber / steel joints. M752 has excellent adhesion capabilities plus durability. Centabuild M752 is a one-part, waterborne, urethane polymer blended with acrylic co-polymer to give a tough and gunnable sealant.
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Centabuild M755 Acoustic Sealant
Centabuild M755 Acoustic Sealant is a flexible water based product for internal use. It is applied around the perimeter of all partitions and all penetrating items on walls where sound compartmentation is required. It is suitable for concrete, brick, masonry, timber, steel, polystyrene and most wall panel products such as gypsum plaster boards. M755 maintains the sound transmission class (STC) of 55 in gaps in partitions. Note: M755 is not a fire rated sealant.
Good adhesion to most common building substrates. No priming required in most cases. Can be applied to damp surfaces. Water clean-up. NON TOXIC, NON HAZARDOUS FORMULA.
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Product Image Firepro M706
A one-part fire-rated sealant to perform as a barrier against fire penetrating expansion joints. Cleans-up in water. With an acoustic rating of STC65. For gaps up to 50mm depending upon joint type.
Sizes: 300mL Cartridges 600mL Sausages 10L Pails.
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Product Image Firepro M707
A one-part, waterborne, high performance interior/exterior fire protective and acoustic sealant. Cleans-up in water. With an acoustic rating of STC55.
Sizes: 300mL Cartridges 600mL Sausages 10L Pails.
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M766 Studgrip
Centabuild M766 Studgrip provides excellent bonding of plasterboard and wallboards to wooden or metal building frames. Reduces quantity of nails and screws required and therefore stopping and finishing work, giving a higher quality appearance. Superior bridging and gap filling properties reduce the effect of unevenness in frame or board. Minimises nail popping from timber shrinkage or movement. Reduces reverberation on metal studs. Clean-up with water.
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Specialty Seals
Product Image Duct Plugs
Duct Plugs seal pipes, conduits and ducting from water, corrosive chemical, fire, smoke, noxious gas, rodent, ice, mud and debris. Reusable duct plugs are simple to apply and are available in sizes and models to suit an extensive range of applications. All plugs are designed for cable and are split for easy retrofitting and removal.
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